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From what I just saw on t.v. news reports were argueing with a guy that knows some stuff about what happened and he's part if the war comitee, anyway they were getting all crazy with him, because he said that it wasn't necessary to just go and drop bombs onto thier country. I know that it was terrible what had happened, but it's not like the whole contry, every citizen in it planned this act. Before you say anything about killing people or dropping bombs think about all the other innocents there too. I just think its terrible that people think you can resolve this by shedding more blood. What's wrong with them, all that you will do is cause more hate, and more pain. They are also human and bleed, breath and eat to survive like we do. Because a group of unhuman, uncaring monsters did this, doesn't mean that they were all a part of it, some may not have even known until after it happened. I mean if you don't know exactly who, you can't blame it on all the people, because it's just not right. Until we really know who, and how many, I don't think that our anger should blind us, and lead us to become destructive and uncareing. Its a terrible time to be saying this, but this is how I feel, and I have to put this out because I fel not only the news reporters were, but many people, even elementary school children. WE can't resolve everything with bombs, if we do were just as bad. I"m not taking sides i'm just trying to let or get out that some may be innocent too. A man who was muslem owns a gas station here, and he closed down because he was afraid that people would beat him up and blame him because people who look like him were arrested. It's almost like Pearl Harbor, I know that they're two different things, but look what they did to the japanese, These were all innocent people who were forced from thier homes and put into camps, because why? because we assumed that because Japan bombed us, they (the japanese in america) were all spys. This whole bomb thier country sh** it's not right at all. Until you truely know who and how many were behind this, our quick judge ments will do nothing, and will only effect upon us.
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