DreamyChan (dreamychan) wrote in magic_knights,


WEll it looks like were going to war anyway. I'm not to sure if two wrongs do make a right, but it's happening already so... Anyway I'm sorry if I pissed people off,its just I can't stand knowing that our country's crying, and I can't stand that poeple are dying. WE all die, I just wish not like this. I Am very mad at those people who were dancing in the streets, I know and I watched the news since this happened I couldn't go to sleep, don't take me wrong I didn't want to sound Like I was picking sides or whatever, I was just hopeing to get some thoughts out. This whole situation is wrong. and what they did, dancing and passing out candy was wrong, I don't think that socializing over it will solve the problem because you are right they will laugh in our faces and maybe bomb us somemore. I'm just very confused and I feel terrible about this whole thing. And like you said they don't have there own counrtry, and no matter what innocents are going to die, I guess there is no point in feeling bad for bombing them to death. They did do it to us first. But no matter what it's still lives and I'll still care, I don't care if this pisses you off or what ever, I understand where your coming from, it's just I can't look at it that way. I am angry yes, but lustful for vengence no. To hate a people with a passion, I can't.
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